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I also would like to express my gratitude on behalf of Joan’s family. They have two children, Cassandra 5 years old and John Gabriel 9 months. We met her once her elder daughter, Cassandra, suffered from skin disease on her legs. We gave some medicine and after a few months it recovered. They were collecting garbage and plastic bottle and sold to junk shop. They had an old bicycle sidecar. Once they got an accident and it was broken. They got injury as well. They needed new one but they could not effort to buy. So we helped them. Now they are working with new one happily. They are saving their income too.

They are happy and young family. They express their gratitude to you through me. They have a better life now. They work hard for their children. I believe that the blessing of the Lord will be upon you hundreds time and remain on you all.

With Thanks

Pho Cho Nay Myo Htet SJ

“I am Joan Concepcion and my husband is Jomel Concepcion. We have two children their name are Cassandra 5 years and John Gabriel 9 months. We live in PNB Island and my husband work is scavenger only he collects all garbage like mineral bottles, in can, newspaper all that we can sell in junkshop. His income per day is 300 peso that’s why we can’t afford to buy a side car. We only borrow a side-car and giving 40 pesos for borrowing to our friend that’s why we only wish this coming Christmas to father botsug give us side car for our business. If we have our own side-car we can buy milk for my children because sometimes my child can’t drink milk because sometimes we don’t have enough money to get buy milk for them. That’s all and thank you very much Merry Christmas and I wish that father botsug and father Rafael have a long life.
By Joan Concepcion”.
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